Factors Influencing The Cost of Developing a Patreon Clone

cost of patreon clone

Online platforms possess a dominant role in the lives of every individual, and it has become a tremendous boon to all the content creators of the world as it enables them to popularize their creatives and earn a steady income. With multitudinous social media platforms, the talented populace across the globe is getting the ample recognition that they deserve.

However, apps like Patreon are aiding them to earn a substantial amount of stable income on a regular basis. The online incredible platform like Patreon allows the users or content creators to post content for their fan base and in return, the users or fans have to pay a fixed amount. From the earnings of the creator, the app charges a fixed amount as commission. The innovative idea behind the development of the Patreon-like app is still enchanting numerous and offers a wide possibility of remarkable opportunities that are essential for the evolvement of your business.

What is an App Like Patreon?

An app like Patreon is exclusively designed and developed for new innovative content creators and their fans. On this platform, the content creators can post diverse and distinct posts for exhibiting and selling. Since it can be viewed by patrons and if they like they are bestowed with the option to buy it, the content creators who post the content will charge a nominal amount on a stipulated time frame.

The app owner earns money by charging the content creators a fixed amount for using their platform to post the content. Since the existence of the app is a compulsory pursuit for the app creators and to escalate interest among the potential users, the creators of apps like Patreon have made the platform free of cost initially but as time pursues, they will charge a fixed amount as a commission from the content creators.

Essential Features of an App Like Patreon

Before the development or designing of an app like Patreon, you have to be ensured of the features that it should possess, then only one can estimate the cost of developing an app like Patreon.

  • Creator Page

When someone signs up for Patreon, they will be automatically credited with a creator page the Patreon hosts for them. The creator doesn’t have to pay an enormous amount for website hosting, but still, they can make others feel their presence on the platform.

People who are there on Patreon can share their Patreon links on their social media platforms thus inviting multitudes to their Patreon platform.

  • Membership Tiers

Membership tiers will allow the content creators to post content according to the levels of the users. For instance, content creators can create some content for the basic level, and they can share more content for the people who pay more.

  • Communication Tools

Communication with patrons is an essential element that should be there on a similar app like Patreon. While deciding about how to develop an app like Patreon, you should consider how to emulate certain communication tools like emails, direct messages, posts on the creator page.

  • Business Tools

Patreon is a massive part of the business of many creators, so it makes sense that they would offer business tools. Creators can make use of these tools to monitor payments, and to evaluate the lifetime value of their content.

Cost of Building an App Similar to Patreon

There are numerous things to consider while developing an app like Patreon, and what are factors can directly affect the cost while creating an app like Patreon.

  • Features

After scrutinizing all the features that are essential for the development of an app like Patreon, the developer has to be sure of the features that his app needs. The developer could add all these features to make a Patreon clone and to make it unique he can add more features. More features will ensure more customers but perhaps the developer has to pay more.

  • Complexity

The app complexity can also affect the cost even if the app contains a lot of small features. If the Patreon app contains more diverse pages, the chance to get high costs are adequately high, and also it will take a longer time to build.

  • Individual or Team

The next main thing that directly affects the cost is to decide whether to hire a freelancer or an agency to develop the app. An individual might charge less than a team of professionals but they can take longer to finish your app.

  • Tech Stack

Another vital thing to consider while determining the cost is the tech stack they use. Development technologies can come in abundantly, however, React Native is one of the optimal options for cross-platform development.

  • Ongoing Support

Subscription apps like Patreon will require a lot of support eventually. So you have to be sure of developing the type of app, whether it is a subscription app or another app for creators.

Ongoing support will charge you more and it will directly influence the cost of developing an app like Patreon.


There are numerous factors to consider while developing a Patreon-like app that might have a direct impact on the cost of development. You may easily approach any development business for additional proceedings once you have a basic understanding of the necessary features for your app.