FansForX – A Onlyfans Clone App Launches An Updated Version

FansForX - A Onlyfans Clone App Launches An Updated Version

We at FansForX, work tirelessly to ensure that each and every one of our clients receives the greatest and best product possible. This motto has helped us progress thus far to become one of the leading Onlyfans clone apps.

As a step into the future of the subscription-based social media industry, we have launched FansForX version 3.0 of the OnlyFans clone! And this blog helps you navigate through the additions and changes made to FansForX V3.0.

Here are the latest additions to the Onlyfans clone script,

  • Onboarding of Content Creator: becoming a content creator is subject to admin approval and FansForX makes this step simple with clear-cut guidelines.
  • Posts and Profile Categories: with the inclusion of categories for both posts and profile it is much easier to find content creators of a specific niche. It’s an industry-first feature.
  • Content Creator Dashboard: content creators can now view, access, and track their revenue on a weekly and monthly basis on their dashboard.
  • Audio Upload in Posts: why limit the content posting to just images and videos? Content creators can now upload audio posts as well.
  • Audio Call with Subscription: users can go a step further from PPV chat and make an audio call to the celebrities, they only have to subscribe to the celebrities.

We’re not done just yet! Apart from these chief updates here is a list of additional features which is added to the V3.0

  • Banking Details Changes
  • Share Profile
  • Content Creator Invoice
  • Wallet Payment Flow + UI Changes
  • Tagging in Posts & Comments
  • Emoji Support in Comments and Replies
  • Comment, Like, and Reply
  • Explore with Category and Location
  • Default Image Settings in Admin Panel
  • Bookmarks – Addition of Audio and Video Section
  • Lists – Added/Blocked Users
  • Payment Methods Setting in the Profile
  • Online/Offline Status for Users 

These changes and additional features have made FansForX all the more versatile and formidable. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us on WhatsApp or get in touch with our experts to partner with us or for more information on OnlyFans Clone or for a product walk-through.