Features Of FansForx’s Ready-Made Cameo Clone App

Ready-Made Cameo Clone App

Anyone can commission actors, sports, artists, and other celebrities to produce personalized video messages on Cameo. For birthdays, holidays, or any other special event, you can offer these viral videos as a present. You might, for instance, pay Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, to give a friend a motivational speech, or you could pay Lindsay Lohan, an actress, to write a special birthday note.

Numerous celebrities and social media influencers are accessible for Cameo videos; they set their own rates and have the right to refuse requests from users. For less well-known performers, prices start at $1, although more well-known celebrities like Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, boxer Floyd Mayweather, and businessman Kevin O’Leary charge anywhere between $900 and $15,000 per video.

The lucrative and highly interactive nature of Cameo app has led to the development of several Cameo clone apps and FansForX’s Cameo clone app is one of the best ones available in the market right now. For investors, our Cameo clone app provides the best business proposition and we have explained the features of our ready-made Cameo clone app in this blog.

How Does FansForX’s Cameo Clone Work?

You must create an account and head to the Cameo clone marketplace on the website or app to request a Cameo clone video. There, you may browse thousands of celebrities who are available and sort them by category.

Once you’ve selected your celebrity, you’ll fill out a request form with a limit of 250 characters describing what you want your Cameo clone talent to do. US citizens using iOS can now buy “Cameo clone credits” to store in their account and swap for videos later. Our Cameo clone accepts direct credit card payments.

The Cameo clone talent has seven days after the request is finished to accept or reject the project. If the request is approved, the celebrity will record the video, and the Cameo clone will provide the phone number and email address listed with the request a link to the video. The video is available for users to download, store, and share in any way they like.

All fees will be returned to the buyer’s wallet if the hired talent does not complete the request within a week. Some famous people also provide live video calls, although you should expect them to cost more than a typical Cameo clone video. You can also communicate with talent through our Cameo clone app’s direct messaging feature. If you only want to ask a famous person a question or send them a short shout-out, chatting is a less expensive choice.

Must-have Features of Our Cameo Clone App

  • Customized video streaming:

A crucial component of an app like Cameo is one-on-one video streaming, also known by the name. You can use this function to video chat with any famous person of your choice, allowing you to virtually be with the celebrities you adore. It’s important to note that the Cameo software gives users the ability to reveal their screen to the other user, turn their video on and off, and mute and unmute their microphone.

  • Celeb profiles:

Before having a video from a celebrity, you can discover more about them by reading celebrity profiles. The price of hiring the talent, how quickly they reply, user evaluations, and any publicly available recordings must all be included in celebrity profiles.

  • Social feed:

A social feed is a crucial feature because it can support the growth of a user and fan base. Through these feeds, people may also view celebrity videos that other users may have made public. TikTok and Instagram reels are comparable to this feature.

  • Interactions and comments:

Your fanbase’s discussion, debate, and interaction with other fans and celebrities will be facilitated by comments. Inquiries from followers regarding upcoming videos or other topics are also welcome. This feature encourages interaction between famous people and their followers.

  • Push notifications:

Users can be informed of events in real-time thanks to pushing notifications, which are crucial. A push notification, for instance, can inform you if your favorite star is online right now. Push notifications can also notify users of new messages, updates, chat invitations, and much more.


Even though there is no limit to the number of features, you must start with the right feature set. Your MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, will consist of this first set of features and will allow you to test the market before making a commitment. Your app will be well on its way to becoming a hit with the correct user experience, a feature set that addresses user issues, and expert MVP development skills!