How Profitable Will the Adult Premium Subscription Platforms Be?

How Profitable Will the Adult Premium Subscription Platforms Be?

The adult industry has gained prominence over the last few years through adult premium subscription platforms like OnlyFans. What was once subject to speculation and criticism is now a successful and profitable industry. Thanks to premium subscription-based off-beat social media initiatives, we now have a safe and secure platform for adult entertainers to perform and connect with their fanbase.

OnlyFans app and OnlyFans clone apps are serving as the catalyst of change in the adult industry. OnlyFans app shot to fame in a short span of time largely due to the conducive environment it provides for the adult entertainers and their fanbase, its non-judgmental approach, and safe ethical codes among other technological features. Ever since its launch, OnlyFans has managed to disrupt the subscription-based social media sector. However, people have questions about how profitable these adult premium subscription platforms are. Read along to know the intricacies of the subscription-based social media sector.

How Do Adult Premium Subscription Platforms Work?

Unlike the mainstream social media platforms, OnlyFans is the first subscription-based social media platform that onboarded adult stars and allowed them to post and sell their content without any restrictions. Adult entertainers can sell their content on a monthly membership basis to their fans who have subscribed to them by paying a nominal fee.

Apart from paid subscriptions, adult stars can charge their fans a premium amount to sell exclusive and personalized content to them. Along with their primary source of income, the adult stars can enjoy the benefits of extra income through the OnlyFans app and other OnlyFans clone apps.

 How Profitable Are They?

While it is obvious that these adult premium subscription-based platforms help the artists earn extra money, how much do they exactly charge and how does it all work? There are primarily four ways users can make money on an adult premium subscription-based platform like OnlyFans clone apps.

  • Monthly Subscriptions: This is the most common type of revenue-generation model that most subscription-based mediums use. Likewise, these adult premium subscription-based platforms also offer the artists to charge their fans on a monthly subscription basis. Artists can charge anything between $4.99 to $49.99 per month for the fans to access their content. OnlyFans representatives stated that most artists prefer this model.
  • Pay-Per-View Content: In the pay-per-view (PPV) model, the artists can have a free account without any monthly subscription for the fans to follow them. Nevertheless, the artists will charge the fans up to $50 in order to access their specific PPV content or posts. The artists have the sole discretion to choose what posts to go under the PPV model.
  • Private Messages/ Media: The fans look forward to having direct contact with their adult stars. They either wish to privately message them or receive a private post designed just for them and the adult stars can monetize their fans’ yearning to get in touch with them. The adult artists can charge up to $100 per private message or private post, which can be in-app texting or sending customized videos or photos.o  
  • Tips: one of the users of OnlyFans calls tips the “bread and butter” of OnlyFans. Tipping is generally at the discretion of the fans, wherein the fans can choose to tip the artist in general or for a specific post. Tipping is fans’ way of thanking or encouraging the artists for their efforts. While the new users can tip up to $100 at a time, after four months of usage they can tip up to $200 at a time. The larger the fanbase, the better the earnings.

How Much Profit Can the Entrepreneur Make?

According to statistics OnlyFans has paid out more than $3 billion to the content creators since its launch in 2016. While the content creators receive 80% of their earnings, the adult premium subscription-based platforms retain 20% of their earnings. The content creators cannot use the money until they withdraw their earnings, but in most cases, they prefer to keep it in the app wallet as it serves as a bank.

People were always of the opinion that only mainstream subscription-based media platforms were profitable, while all others were merely surviving. This perception was proved wrong by the OnlyFans app followed by several OnlyFans clone apps. The unconventional social media platforms such as the adult premium subscription-based platforms are more profitable than one could imagine. Are you looking to cash in on the highly profitable unconventional social media sector? FansForX is the right option for you as it is growing to be one of the leading contenders in the adult premium subscription platforms. Get in touch with us and start your profitable business now.

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