How To Build An App Like Patreon From Scratch

build an app like patreon

Creativity is innate in content creators. As it has been said, content creators are dreamers of dreams. Their ability to grasp and articulate the user’s demand in the form of content is unrivaled. Their greatest reward is community recognition and admiration, but is that enough given the amount of effort they put into curating the masterpiece? To compensate for the effort, there is a platform that recognizes innovation and assists producers in accumulating hundreds of dollars in their bank accounts.

Patreon, a subscription-based software development, provides incentives for those with exceptional abilities. The monetization options that this new app concept offers only to content creators have been favorably received in the industry, encouraging entrepreneurs to create a subscription-based app similar to Patreon. We, at FansForX, will go over the Patreon app development process in this blog.

The Premise of Patreon Clone App

“Our talent is not paid and goes unnoticed,” is a typical concern among content providers. The emergence of a subscription-based tool like Patreon, however, has put an end to this conundrum. Patreon is the ideal platform for content creators of all types and in a variety of specializations. Writers, graphic artists, video producers, musicians, gaming creators, journalists, podcasters, and any new talent that wants to demonstrate their talent are all covered.

You’ll be offering an online membership service that brings content producers with content enthusiasts if you establish a subscription-based service like Patreon. The creators will explicitly connect with a fan base that is eager to pay for their work. The fan base will pay a variable amount depending on their level of interest and work, but they will have first-hand access to premium content. The Patreon application’s economic model thus appears to be a win-win situation for both the audience and the participants.

Why Should you Develop an App like Patreon?

Patreon debuted in 2013 with the goal of assisting artists in monetizing their work. Patreon boasts 125,000 patrons (supporters) and a monthly payout of $1 million in the first 18 months of its existence. Patreon now boasts over 6 million active backers, supporting a community of over 200,000 authors.

With such a track record, a Patreon clone app is also likely to succeed in a similar fashion from the start. Moreover, the little tweaks that the app developers make to the Patreon clone along with several added features, a Patreon clone app is more than desirable for any business owner.

How to Build an App like Patreon from Scratch?

  • Business analysis:

A skilled business analyst can analyze and eliminate risks, track development progress, and ensure that a project achieves a high degree of return on investment very soon after launch. At this point, the Code & Care team will give you a detailed plan with precise deadlines.

  • Design and development:

The site’s design will have an immediate impact on the consumer’s impression and willingness to return, so make everything as fashionable, easy, and pleasant as possible. The first stage is to develop a foundational style. The second phase is creating details such as a login form, profile management, chat, payments, settings, management, accounts, and messages, among other things.

  • Front-end development:

Although the app appears to be simple, it is the result of a development team that spent countless hours merging design, performance, and functionality. When it comes to planning functionality, you must consider every last element.

  • Back-end development:

Back-end development necessitates meticulous attention to detail as well as exceptional developer abilities. Setting up the environment, starting the project, database architecture and design, and preparing for deployment; authorization, subscribing/unsubscribing/blocking users, managing profiles, alerts, payments, payment system integration, wallets, commission, and so on.

  • Testing and deployment:

To avoid errors and provide an outstanding user experience, a project requires extensive testing at all phases of implementation. The application must then be deployed to your server and pushed to the application platforms.


You’ve arrived at this webpage and have already completed the first step in establishing your Patreon clone: reading the whole article. The time and investment estimate may appear daunting, but keep in mind that such a project has a reasonably quick return on investment. Please contact us if you’re interested in creating a subscription-based app similar to Patreon. Our representatives will contact you as soon as possible. Prepare to launch a mobile app with us!