How To Create Both Adult And Non-Adult Community Platforms?

How To Create Both Adult And Non-Adult Community Platforms?

Building an online community has indisputable benefits, whether you’re a niche expert, an online course producer, or a Fortune 500 firm. Communities may help you turn your followers into active evangelists, boost traffic to your website, keep consumers, and increase income, among other things.

What if your marketing efforts yielded a 6,469 percent return on investment? This is the average return on investment for online communities. Brands are leveraging these communities to familiarize and trust prospective customers, as well as to strengthen and personalize relationships with current customers.

The communities of content creation rely heavily upon web apps and are divided into two major categories, adult and non-adult. While it may seem easy to pick one over the other, there are a lot of aspects that make both adult and non-adult equally important and profitable. Therefore, in this blog, FansForX – a legendary adult and non-adult community platform development company, brings you some insight on how to create such platforms.

Building a Non-adult Community Platform

  • Identify stakeholders:

Your neighborhood should be as well-organized as your company. You want team members devoted to certain jobs in your community, just as you have CEOs, managers, and supervisors in your firm. The function of each team member in your business will determine the jobs they accomplish in your community.

  • Define the goal:

People will not comprehend why they should join your community if it lacks a purpose. Your community provides something to its members; the question is, what kind of experience does it provide to its customers? For example, your community may be for those who are backpacking through Europe and want to get advice from others who have traveled to the same cities.

  • Create the community platform:

You need to build a home for your purpose now that you’ve discovered it. “How many people do I want to build this community with?” is a critical question to ask yourself right now. You should consider platforms, such as Patreon or Reddit, if you want to build a community of 100,000 or more people.

The easiest way to build a community platform like Patreon is to opt for a white label solution, which is a ready-to-deploy app that is developed after the original app with similar features and functions. Development companies like FansForX can help you get that at ease.

  • Formulate guidelines:

While your community exists to serve its members, it does not mean they have complete control over the rules. Show them the ground rules and norms for entrance before they become official members, and have them commit to follow them. Tell them that if they don’t, they’ll be kicked out of the group.

Building an Adult Community Platform

It would be quite tough to create an Onlyfans clone if someone requested you to. The most expensive cost is buying bandwidth, which can cost thousands of dollars, and you’ll need to invest millions of dollars each year to maintain a fan-based website properly.

  • Market research:

To build a high-quality automobile rental system that is both smooth and effective for all customers, a lot of planning is required. The first step is to build a car rental website, plan the database and service structure, and develop user scenarios that show how the system could be used. The elements of a car rental system are chosen to ensure that the product works smoothly.

We frequently recommend starting with the MVP. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product with only a few features that may be launched to test the market and the product. The product can be improved and developed in successive iterations. It’s also time to emphasize the MVP features at this point.

  • App design:

After you’ve completed the first round of research and planning, you may begin designing. The major focus should be on UI simplicity and efficient usage of company identification when it comes to vehicle rental website design. Because developing an online car rental reservation system isn’t the same as creating a platform, the same goes for the mobile app design you produce.

  • App development:

You can move on to development after you’ve decided on the overall design and functionality, which should be divided down into iterations. At this point, the front-end and back-end programming, as well as the necessary integrations, have all been agreed upon. At this time, you should consider the API. What is the API’s purpose? Without API scaling and mobile apps, developing for multiple platforms would become time-consuming and expensive.

  • Testing:

Whether it’s an MVP, which we normally advise our clients to start with, or a full-featured version, testing begins as soon as development is completed. We check the generated products using automated methods, manual methods, or both, depending on the project needs and contract. If there is a mobile app, we can help with its submission to Google Play and the App Stores because we are aware of all of the specifics. We are always eager to share our expertise and reduce the time it takes for our products to reach the market.


Aside from visual branding, you’ll want to follow brand voice and tone requirements in your community’s posts, comments, videos, and other content. Inside your community, you’ll want to utilize the same language that you used on your landing page. As a new online community, you may be concentrating on increasing your sign-up rate. Out of every 100 visitors to the community’s login/application page, how many people signed up to be a member?