How To Monetize Your OnlyFans Clone?

Monetize OnlyFans Clone


With the introduction of social media apps, celebs’ wish to connect with their followers has grown. People are seeing for possibilities that will increase their user experience now that they have been using social networking apps for a while.

Subscription-based social media apps are getting more potential as a result of this thinking. These apps make win-win circumstances for all system stakeholders. Celebrities can trade their work, and followers can pay for customized conferences to connect with them.

Integrating best-in-class features can attract a large number of users to your software, letting it create quick traction. Many business owners have initiated to enter this profitable segment by obtaining a clone app solution.

How to Monetize OnlyFans Clone?

If you are a business owner who is considering making huge money then you must expect to invest in a subscription-based social media app like Onlyfans.

It doesn’t stop there, you must know how to monetize these premium apps, and FansForX, a leading Onlyfans clone app, yields the info on how to do that.

  • Monthly Subscriptions:

To access the content from a celebrity’s profile, users will have to wage a subscription fee. The celebrity can choose the charge, and the businesspersons will be paid a commission each time a user signs up.

The Onlyfans app’s main source of revenue is from monthly subscriptions since the mainstream users want to pay a nominal fee every month to see all the exclusive content.

  • Live Streaming:

Live streaming lets celebrities connect with their followers in real-time. They may set a charge for persons to watch them go live, and they can also give them some guidance. The celebrity and the organizational staff can take to a contract on a percentage of the tips as a fee.

  • Private Chat/PPV Messaging:

Users will have to pay a charge to openly connect with celebrities by the Pay per View (PPV) messaging system. They can send messages openly but must pay to access the responses. This technique has the potential to increase overall revenue intensely.

  • User Referrals:

Businesspersons can get profit from referrals in two ways: they can raise the number of users and increase overall revenue. A celebrity can recommend an n-number of other celebrities to join a fan club website such as Onlyfans. Once their followers increased, they will be equally rewarded.

  • In-App Purchase:

Since the bulk of impending clients is virtual in the present digital environment, practically every business depends on internet sales. Even having its own website or mobile app, every business promotes its products through several third-party websites and apps, such as Onlyfans.

By promoting third-party products and businesses, the subscription-based platform lets users purchase or shop in-app. The subscription model platform holds customers for long periods of time by removing the need for them to exit the app. Users can also make money for each minute they spend on Onlyfans after that.

  • In-App Advertisements:

Since advertising companies carry in a lot of money, every media business has a connection with them. Each ad considers, whether skippable or not, creates volume for the business owner.

Making a lot of money by advertising is an easy and effective way. The subscription model platform also contains in-app advertisements, which generate a lot of amount due to networks with various ad providers.

How much does it Cost to Create an App like OnlyFans?

The estimated cost of an app like OnlyFans development changes from $20,000 to $30,000 for MVP. Creating a full-fledged product will charge around $50,000. There are more elements that affect the cost. I.e., the number of platforms (iOS, Android, or both), complications of design, project requirements, and the number of hours required for creating the application. Read more about the cost of creating an app like OnlyFans.


There are more methods to monetize an app like Onlyfans, but these are the most essential and effective ways you can monetize a social media app like Onlyfans or even Patreon.

It is vital for potential business owners to identify these steps in order to make the most out of the premium subscription-based social media industry.