Lucrative Advantages of Launching a Premium App Like Onlyfans

Lucrative Advantages of Launching a Premium App Like Onlyfans

Onlyfans is easily the under-the-radar social media company that no one saw coming. Although it began as an off-beat subscription-based social media app it has now become a creator-based social media empire.

The unrestricted content creation business model categorized the Onlyfans app as a rather controversial niche. However, the company is breaking out of the contentious image to become a mainstream phenomenon.

Onlyfans now has over 90 million registered users and over a million content creators. Since its launch in 2016, Onlyfans has paid out in excess of $2 billion through creator earnings.

The London-based social media company’s fan payments are expected to exceed $300 million by December 2021, a 370% increase since December 2020, which was $64 million. By now we are certain that you understand the lucrative nature of the Onlyfans app and other premium subscription-based social media apps like Onlyfans.

Given the high revenue-generating capabilities of Onlyfans and its contemporaries, it is undoubtedly a viable and highly rewarding option to launch a premium app like Onlyfans. FansForX, one of the best Onlyfans clone apps, brings you some of the lucrative advantages of launching your very own Onlyfans clone app.

  • The Paywall of Adult Content:

Although Onlyfans bills itself as a subscription-based social media app for all sorts of content creators to monetize their content, it is predominantly perceived as a content-based social media app for adult entertainers, and rightly so.

Onlyfans has earned itself the moniker “Paywall of Porn” or the “Uber of Adult Content” by providing the leverage of creating X-rated content to the content creators. In the like manner, a premium Onlyfan clone app has the potential to become the paywall of adult content.

One can never undermine the vastness of the fanbase for adult content and content creators. The Onlyfans clone app serves to be a platform that simply connects the fans with their favorite adult content creators.

  • Popular Celebrities:

The monetization capabilities of Onlyfans and premium apps like Onlyfans are more than impressive, making it desirable among some of the popular celebrities as well. As a result, the presence of popular celebrities increases the subscribers substantially.

The more the popular celebrities are onboard the more the subscribers, which again results in greater earnings and profitability. In addition, the presence of popular celebrities also brings a great deal of reputation to your Onlyfans clone app.

  • Unrestricted Content:

The unrestricted content policy comes as a relief to not just the adult content creators as mentioned earlier but also to all the content creators. The content creators can fully exploit their creative self with unrestricted content creation policies.

For instance, the mainstream social media platforms do not let celebrities and content creators (not necessarily adult entertainers) post certain kinds of pictures, videos, or even their opinion for that matter.

However, with a premium subscription-based social media app like Onlyfans, they have the freedom to create and share anything they like by pushing their creative limits.

  • Private Messaging:

By launching a premium social media app like Onlyfans, you are allowing the fans to have a private chat with their favorite celebrities and content creators. So, how is this a lucrative advantage for you? Private messaging is under the pay-per-view model, which means the fans have to pay a certain amount of money to view the celebrity’s reply to their messages.

The users should pay the celebrities every time they wish to chat with them. Therefore, apart from monthly subscriptions, celebrities earn loads of money from private messaging. The more the celebrities earn, the greater your profitability is.

A premium subscription-based social media app like Onlyfans is more profitable than one might imagine. These lucrative advantages of an Onlyfans clone app along with its eccentric features, fluidic interface, and robust functions are enough reasons to launch your own Onlyfans clone app right away. Want a readily deployable premium app like Onlyfans? FansForX is the best option available in the market. Partner with us now on a lucrative journey to success.

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