OFTV- New Feature Added to the Onlyfans App

OFTV- New Feature Added to the Onlyfans App

Onlyfans is a subscription based social media platform that is changing the way creators and fans engage. Artists and content creators of various genres are welcome on the platform, which allows them to build genuine relationships with their fans.

Onlyfans allows authors to monetize the content they want to share. Onlyfans, which was founded in 2016, has paid out over $4.5 billion in creator earnings and has established itself as the go-to network for over 130 million registered users and over 2 million producers around the world.

The Onlyfans app is attempting to move away from its solely NSFW identity with its new app, which is best recognized for revolutionizing the adult entertainment industry by allowing performers to establish their own direct-to-consumer services.

In recent years, the world of streaming video has flourished, with nearly every major entertainment firm creating a subscription-based streaming service to meet the growing demand for non-linear television from consumers. The subscription-based social media platform that is revolutionizing the creator economy by fostering more true connections between creators and their fans, has launched its streaming platform and app OFTV. FansForX, an elite Onlyfans clone app, sheds light on the details of the OFTV app.

The OFTV App

Numerous frequent Onlyfans artists will be included in the new OFTV app, which is accessible for free on Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Samsung Smart TV. Onlyfans claimed that OFTV contains programming from “genres such as fitness, food, comedy, music, and more,” in an attempt to remove itself from its strictly adult trappings.

OFTV’s content catalogue includes established non-adult channels including Cheri Fit, Yoga with Taz, and Tennis Class with Adi, as well as over 800 videos from over 100 creators at launch.

Onlyfans founder and CEO Tim Stokely said, “From the beginning, we’ve been a creator-first platform to provide creators more control and power over their work.” We’re all about offering creators additional methods to get their work out there and giving our community more ways to access it.”

OFTV offers free, original content from Onlyfans creators in a range of genres, such as fitness, cuisine, comedy, music, and more. From the comfort of their phones, tablets, and smart TVs, creators can share both short- and long-form video content for their fans to view.

Fans will be able to watch material from their favorite Onlyfans creators as well as discover new ones thanks to the launch of OFTV. It’s a one-of-a-kind method to see who’s on the platform and consume material from the Onlyfans community. To test the market, Onlyfans soft-launched an on-demand streaming service early this year and quickly developed OFTV to be a rapidly increasing content library after receiving a resoundingly positive response from the community.

OFTV’s announcement coincides with the release of Season 2 of Onlyfans’ original video series Unlocked. Unlocked Season 2 will feature a brand-new adventure structure and new creators, with host Casey Boonstra interviewing creators while they participate in mini-adventures. Viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look into each creator’s daily life and get to know them on a personal level, as well as embark on an entirely new and unexpected trip.

Onlyfans became well-known thanks to its paywalled sex-work content, but the platform’s distinctive product has prevented it from launching a mobile app due to Apple’s content filtering regulations. A spokesman confirmed that sex-work content will not be featured on OFTV, which will be available as an app. According to the OFTV submission page, every material on the service must be suitable for work.

However, workplace safety and family friendliness, on the other hand, are not the same thing. Unlocked on OFTV highlights adult creators like Mia Khalifa, while Coffee and Cleavage on OFTV blur the lines between chat show and peep show.