Onlyfans Vs Patreon Vs AVN Stars – Pro & Cons

Pros and cons of onlyfans

OnlyFans swiftly became the outstanding platform for people both average people and celebrities to make additional money from home this year, even in the midst of a pandemic. It’s a subscription-based digital business where content creators charge their “fans” for access to their photos and videos, making it a terrific way to work for yourself.

In terms of content, OnlyFans doesn’t have any hard and fast guidelines. You can either upload nudes or a video of yourself making pasta. OnlyFans has also become a venue for many sex workers to make a job by uploading films, web-camming, and other similar activities because they can’t meet up with people in person on many other famous social platforms.

  • Pros:

o   Free Account– Onlyfans allows for users to register and create an account for free. This allows for a greater number of users to enroll themselves with Onlyfans. In addition, Onlyfans will begin to charge the users a commission only when they begin to earn.

o   Brand Value – When it comes to adult content Onlyfans, undoubtedly, has the highest brand value as compared with its contemporaries. As a matter of fact, Onlyfans is at the top of the leaderboard for premium adult content platforms.

o   Better Content Creation Infrastructure – Onlyfans provides the best content creation infrastructure for all types of content creators. This allows the content creators to optimize their content creation process and help connect and better communicate with their fans.

  • Cons:

o   20% Commission – Despite the fact that content creators can create an Onlyfans account for free, they must pay a commission of 20% on every transaction that occurs between them and their followers.

o   Predominantly for Adult Content – Although Onlyfans is a premium subscription-based social media platform, it is highly popular among adult content creators. Onlyfans is renowned for selling nudes and pornographic content.


  • Pros:

o   Less Commission Rate – Patreon charges a commission between 8% and 12%, which is way less than Onlyfans. It is because of this content creators are migrating from Onlyfans to Patreon. The lesser percentage of commission makes a lot of difference in the profitability of content creators.

o   Free Account – Just like Onlyfans, Patreon also allows the content creators to create an account for free. The admin commission will be charged only when the content creator starts earning. Therefore, with lower commission charges and free accounts, Patreon already has an edge over Onlyfans.

o   Branding in Niches – Patreon is the proper platform for you if you have a large social media following, and it’s also appropriate for folks who write or create 16+ content, unlike Onlyfans, which predominantly provides 18+ content all through the way.

  • Cons:

o   Discoverability – Although Patreon is the first premium subscription-based social media platform, it hasn’t reached to the masses as proficiently as Onlyfans. Therefore, the content creators might not enjoy the quick growth with Patreon as in Onlyfans.

o   Net-30 Payment – The content creators on Patreon will receive the payment at the beginning of each month on a net-30 basis. However, the contemporaries of Patreon, including Onlyfans pays their content creators on a weekly basis, which is deemed convenient by most content creators.


  • Pros:

o   One of the Highest Paying Adult Networks – AVN Stars takes on Onlyfans head-on in terms of payments as it is one of the highest paying subscription-based adult social media platforms. This means AVN Stars is a highly rewarding platform for adult entertainers.

o   AdultOnly Site – Allegations were raised from several adult entertainers when Hollywood actress Bella Thorne made USD 1 million within 24 hours of creating an account with Onlyfans. In most adult-based social media platforms mainstream celebrities take away a major chunk of the earnings. This is where AVN Stars makes a difference as it is an adult-only social media site by giving the adult entertainers the space to earn.

o   All Sexual Orientation – AVN Stars is a safe haven for all types of adult entertainers regardless of their sexual orientation. Since there are no restrictions, adult entertainers have the freedom to leverage their sexual orientation and earn.

  • Cons:

o   High Commission Rate – Just like Onlyfans, AVN Stars also charges a high commission rate of 20% for each transaction between content creators and their fans. When translated into actual money, content creators end up paying more money as admin commission than they would like to.

o   Less Popular – Although it is one of the highest paying adult social media platforms, it is less popular than its contemporaries. The hype and popularity of Onlyfans and Patreon overshadow the potential of the likes of AVN Stars.

Having looked into the pros and cons of Onlyfans, Patreon, AVN Stars, it is safe to conclude that the choice between the three top subscription-based social media platforms completely depends on the preferences of content creators. Depending upon what and how they would like to be present in the premium social media platform they can choose.

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