What Is Cameo And How Does Cameo Clone Work?

cameo clone

Cameo is a celebrity video messaging app that was launched in Chicago in 2017 and has rapidly grown in popularity since then. The social restraints that the population faced in 2020 and the first half of 2021 increased the popularity of this wonderful app among influencers and celebrities.

Cameo is a social media platform that uses its website and app to connect celebrities with their fans.

Cameo works by allowing fans to give celebrities a fee in exchange for exclusive celebrity videos that they may broadcast on their social media platforms.

What Features does Cameo Include?

In terms of functionality, the Cameo app has a lot of potentials. Your Cameo app’s usefulness is only limited by your imagination. The Cameo app does, however, have certain standard capabilities, such as

  • One-on-one video streaming
  • Celebrity profiles to discover more about them.
  • A public feed where you may post your videos and view what others are posting.
  • You may ask celebrities anything in the comments section.
  • Use geolocation to locate celebs in your area.

You can speak with a trained business analyst to learn more about what to include in your Cameo app and what to leave out.

What is Cameo? 

Cameo is a celebrity shoutout software that links the general public with their favorite stars or celebrities. Singers, actresses, sportsmen, TV program influencers, and more fit the bill. Users can pay a specific charge to obtain private shout-outs with this application solution. Users can post videos of friends and supporters who have given them a shout-out.

It’s a fantastic option for both individuals and businesses. The former has the opportunity to interact with their favorite celebrities and participate in authentic fan experiences. The latter will adamantly promote their goods or services to their specific target demographic, increasing their company’s reach and visibility.

What is Cameo Clone and How does it Work?

You may create a unique Cameo clone software solution to boost your company’s revenue by letting customers use it to surprise their friends and family on their birthdays or other special occasions.

 Hence at FansForX, we provide a readily available customized Cameo clone app that can allow users to receive personalized messages and shout-outs from their favorite celebrities.

Cameo works by first registering on the website or app, then accessing the Cameo marketplace to learn about the available celebrities on the platform, which may be filtered by categories. Users can then choose their favorite celebrity and submit a request form. Credit cards are accepted for payment, however, users in the United States can purchase Cameo credits to use on video requests whenever they choose.

All payments will be returned if the requested celebrity does not accept or react to your request for a period of seven days.

Creating your own unique video is a straightforward procedure. After you sign up for the app, you may browse the celebrity Cameo marketplace for available celebs.

B-list actors, large movie stars, television personalities, social media influencers, models, musicians, gamers, comedians, athletes, and even drag queens are all part of the celebrity Cameo business. Although there aren’t many A-list celebs on the site, there are a few who are active.

Once you’ve found a celebrity you like, you can either add them to your wish list or request a bespoke video right away. If you require a video with additional effects, you will need to look elsewhere. The majority of the videos are straightforward.

When you sign up for a booking on the Cameo app, it will ask you some important details, such as:

  • Will it be utilized by you or for someone else?
  • Is there any reason for the video to be made?
  • Do you wish to give the celebrity any special instructions that he or she must follow?

If you own a small business, you can approach a celebrity and request a short video that can be used for promotional purposes. Who wouldn’t be drawn to your company if it was well-marketed with a compelling video?

Following the completion of the booking, celebs have seven days to deliver the requested video.

When the video is finished, you will be alerted through email or text to the address you supplied. You can either watch, share or download the video to your device from there.

When placing your order, you can choose to share this video with the Cameo app and make it public. If you select this option, your video will appear in the video area of the celebrity’s profile. Other people can view and enjoy your video, as well as leave a remark.

How does Cameo Make Money?

Cameo makes money by taking 25% of all transactions in the Cameo celebrity marketplace. Furthermore, the majority of its revenue is generated by celebrity-produced short-form videos.

Cameo added two new products to its lineup in the year 2020. The first is that it offers clients to purchase ten-minute zoom calls with their favorite celebrity, which cost two to three times as much as a video.

Customers can chat with a celebrity of their choice with the second offering. Only 250 characters are allowed in messages.

These two products had a huge impact on the Cameo platform, resulting in even more popularity among the audience. The purpose is similar to that of social media sites such as Instagram, which is to get users to return to the same platform for a variety of reasons, such as validation, amusement, or to engage in a transaction.

How much does Cameo Cost?

The typical cost of a business cameo is $1000, although this varies greatly depending on how much of an icon you want and the type of content you want them to do. The Cameo live function, which allows you to have a Cameo talent join you on a live zoom call, is far more expensive, starting at $10,000.

You will also have to pay for direct messages (DM) from a Cameo talent, which guarantees that they will read your message but does not guarantee that you will receive a response. The cost of such DM begins at $1 and can rise to $2,500 for high-profile celebrities.


Days have passed when celebrities were inaccessible and getting connected with them was a hilarious task.  Celebrity video apps like Cameo have brought out a tremendous change in this and it has enabled celebrities and their fans to get connect with each other easily.

Deploying apps like Cameo ensures a more intact connection with their fans by providing birthday endorsement videos to their fans, and the users are getting the supremacy to surprise their beloved ones with these kinds of videos.