Why you should be showing live availability in the digital media industry?

Why you should be showing live availability in the digital media industry

Shopping is not just a chore or a necessity for many customers; it’s a way of life. And they are the ones driving the eCommerce sector ahead and calling for ongoing change. They flourish in the digital era, where there are many easily accessible and reasonably priced shopping choices, and they constantly want more. Online retailers in turn welcome technological innovation and are continually looking for fresh approaches to drive sales. Livestream shopping is a new hot trend that has entered the market as a result of this consumer-provider cycle. And nobody can get enough of it, it seems.

Live streaming e-commerce platform provides retailers, brands, and digital platforms with a new channel with a ton of potential for value creation because it combines entertainment with rapid purchasing.

Know about Livestreaming Shopping

A Livestream shopping platform often referred to as live eCommerce, live buying, or live selling, is an online retail event where customers may make purchases in real time while watching a video showcasing products. A designated subdomain of the online store, a mobile app, or a third-party platform like social media are all acceptable venues for the event.

Although Livestream purchasing is frequently connected with social commerce, it can also be incorporated with mobile apps and eCommerce websites outside social networks. 

Benefits of Live Streaming

A Livestream shopping platform can be a simple and inexpensive approach to increasing sales, raising brand awareness, and attracting new clients. It’s an enjoyable and engaging method for people to learn more about your company, your goods, and how you operate.

  • Delivers a digitalized in-store experience

Live stream selling platform has been lacking the feel of a brick-and-mortar store if there is anything. In the physical world, going inside a store includes more than just making a purchase; it’s also a chance to engage with other people and experience another culture. You enter a room filled with novelties and intriguing goods; then you look around; you ask the shopping assistant about the things you like; you examine them; touch them.

Delivering the best of both worlds is made possible with a live stream selling platform. Your clients can take advantage of the convenience of their own homes while virtually visiting the store and interacting with the host in real-time. On the other side, the presenter can demonstrate the products’ characteristics, give them close-ups, and demonstrate how they function. The online experience can even be superior to going to a store.

  • Encourages Impulse Shopping

Livestream shopping is a performance as well as a shopping event. Additionally, the customer participates in the show. People become enthusiastic because it makes them feel like they belong to something. They also want to make this emotion last so they can tell their buddies about it. They would be motivated to make purchases which sometimes become impulsive ones. And this benefits the seller.

  • Brand Awareness

Connecting your items to well-known influencers can increase brand recognition and boost consumer interest in your company. However, to increase the likelihood that viewers of live-stream selling platforms will become repeat buyers.

As we have discussed what a live stream shopping platform is and its benefits, now let us get to know about a similar platform.

WhatNot is one of the best live stream selling platforms, with its fame, WhatNot Clones have entered the market making platforms for customers to come and shop. The more, the merrier!

WhatNot Clone is one such Live stream shopping platform that was developed by the best in the industry. It built an understanding of the requirement it has to fulfill and outwork to provide the best to its customer and sellers. It aims to give the user the best experience that they deserve.

For collectors to list, purchase, and sell rare treasures like Pokémon cards, Funko Pops, vintage apparel, antiques, etc., The Whatnot Clone is a reliable Livestream selling platform.

In the US, Facebook and Instagram were the first social media sites where live shopping gained traction. By developing a specific platform for live shopping, the Whatnot app seized on the growing trend and demand for it.

Recently, the use of apps like Whatnot has increased significantly, and in response to the increasing demand, the Whatnot clone was created as a cutting-edge.

Key Features of WhatNot Clone

  • Verified Customers

As every buyer is confirmed by the admin team, you shouldn’t worry about spending your time with inauthentic buyers and brokers.

  • Merchandise Store

If you missed a live stream of a certain collector, you can hunt it up in the store and purchase the item.

  • Simple Buy and Sell

Our Whatnot clone app features the easiest buy-and-sell option for quick and hassle-free trade; you don’t even need an instruction manual.

The Livestream shopping platform, WhatNot Clone, was developed after careful and rigorous research, which gives it a high level of competence. The Livestream selling platform was created with the aid of cutting-edge technology and has market-leading features and capabilities.