Why Should E-commerce Stores Start Live-Video Shopping?

Why Should E-commerce Stores Start Live-Video Shopping?

Live video shopping can be elucidated as a platform that provides the capability to exhibit and eventually advertise products to a live, online audience that can converse on that live platform. Promoters directly converse with the customers through an online video, chat, or other features. As it is a live interaction, it mitigates the possibility of manipulation of imagery and settings allowing the audience to trust confidently in the brand.

Similar to physical retailing, e-commerce stores are also able to generate inter-personal connections with their customers which ensures extreme reliability. They are able to involve themselves without the time pressure with the guidance of live-streaming shopping.

Online commercialization enables offline retailers to provide a supreme purchasing experience to their customers by amalgamating both online shopping convenience with in-person interactions.

Due to the viral outbreak, e-commerce became the favorable and the most preferred method of shopping for multitudes of people. In a scenario, where there is no alternative, once a convenient mode of shopping transformed into absolute essentiality, despite its advantages. At an earlier stage, a considerable proportion of people didn’t prefer online shopping due to the adversities it possessed such as the unreliability of the product brand, size, etc. Hence, once the lockdown restrictions became disappeared there was a sudden hike in offline shoppers at physical outlets.

People extremely prefer to directly interact with the salesperson to comprehend the product’s several aspects, seek recommendations, and more significantly, negotiate the prices. Basically, the consumers before making a priceless purchase have to touch and feel the product, something that definitely online shopping cannot provide. The lack of analysis during purchasing inappropriate items shipped and not getting satisfied, and eventually, customer not meeting the desired expectations.

But with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, there is no option for consumers to go to the retail outlets for shopping instead, the only method available for them is to depend on e-commerce stores. The shopkeepers can either take the risk of losing customers without switching to online shopping or can digitally transform their business by embracing e-commerce.

But the reality is that exhibiting their business products on a common platform or creating a storefront on Whatsapp might be not adequate to generate sufficient income. The prime concern is that a substantial proportion of the populace prefers offline shopping just because they can directly converse with the salesperson, negotiate the price, etc. And if all these facilities could be provided by an e-commerce store it will be an added advantage for online shoppers. Due to Video Commerce, all these can be exactly done and take physical retailers, mom and pop stores, local D2C brands, and smaller e-commerce players to bestow next-level shopping experiences.

How Video Commerce Enables Offline Stores for Satisfied Customer Experiences?

In fact, video commerce aids offline entrepreneurs provides an extremely high shopping experience to their customers by integrating both online shopping’s comfortability with interpersonal interactions.

Here are some of the supremacies that offline outlets can benefit from video commerce.

  • Extreme convenience, authenticity, and safety

The touch and feel of a product is a significant part of the shopping process, which video commerce can reciprocate by making the online experience more lively and interactive. For instance, customers can initiate a conversation by making a call with a store person by clicking on a web link accessed through the website or sent directly to the customer through SMS or Whatsapp. These video calls enable in-store sales representatives to connect, showcase designs, and help with selection. At last, the store operators can send the selected commodity to the customer’s home and receive the payment. By using this strategy the shopkeepers can make the entire shopping experience agile, convenient, and effortless.

  • Elevating the shopping experience for enhanced cross-selling and upselling opportunities

Through video commerce, the salesperson may show the consumer the full variety of products while simultaneously responding to their questions and concerns in real-time. As a result, physical merchants have a significant edge over e-commerce platforms in terms of speedy problem-solving and top-notch customer care. Leading video call-based solutions also let actual salespeople show their products to customers by sending them presentations and audiovisual materials. Upselling and cross-selling are more likely as a result. While the selected products are brought to the customer’s home, where they choose the final item and make the payment, the final pricing can also be discussed through the video conversation. Thus, retailers can offer an enhanced virtual shopping experience that mimics real life as closely as feasible.

  • Better analytics equals better experience.

Leading live video shopping solutions record every call for thorough analysis and audit release. Retailers may now better understand their customers from all angles and link them to other customers with similar profiles thanks to the data that has been tapped. They may therefore customize each customer’s purchasing experience by providing the most pertinent information and product suggestions.

Benefits of Live Shopping

  • Real-time value

One of the key components of live commerce is the ability to shop in real-time. Customers are likely motivated by a sense of urgency to purchase the exclusive goods at a low price as soon as possible. It only produces higher sales since it naturally encourages quick purchases.

  • Enabling fast and easy shopping

With live commerce, product reservations can be made by sending a single message on the platform. After reserving, it is a faster moving process the whole purchasing will go very quickly hence, it is difficult for the customer to withdraw. The customers can reserve the product as soon as they see it on the screen without any additional formalities. And if it is possible it is possible to buy the product straight away from the stream. Purchases can be made in the blink of an eye.


Video content, especially live video events have massive potential nowadays, thus e-commerce stores are compelled to add such a remarkable element to their business to enhance their sales and revenue. By commencing video shopping it is an ideal way to serve your customers to shop online more effectively, especially in the middle of the outbreak.